Based on the children’s book by the Russian author W. Suteyev. A puppet theater piece for children from 3 years.


The hare goes into the forest to find something to feed his hungry family, but there is nothing to be found in the forest. By chance, he encounters an apple tree. With a bag full of apples on his back and a song on his lips, he makes his way home. On the way he meets the bear, the squirrels, the mole and other animals and each of them wants to have only a taste of the delicious apples. And so, a few steps in front of his house, he notices that his sack is empty. Shocked, he runs again through the forest to get more apples. But a nasty surprise awaits him at the tree. How did it happen that when he returned the table was already full of food?

A heartwarming story about needs, envy and friendship; touching, funny and wild.

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