Sagenhaftes (aus dem) Mittelalter

Das Theater Vagant bringt mit seinem neuen Familienstück die Sagenwelt des Mittelalters zu uns. Das Publikum erlebt die wohl bekanntesten Helden der deutschsprachigen mittelalterlichen Folklore in einem unglaublichen, schräg-lustigem Abenteuer. Die liebevoll hand-geschnitzten Handpuppen erzählen uns wie Siegfried zum Helden wurde, warum niemand schalkhafter war als Till Eulenspiegel und wieso Faust seine Seele verkaufte. Bevor […]

Walking Acts

Our walking acts are not just something to look at. They are characters to experience. These are small plays that take place right in front of the spectator’s nose and in interaction with him. The characters approach the visitors and engage them in conversations, entertain them or even make a performance for all spectators in […]


„whack the egg“ – a medieval gameDer Eierknacker is one of the oldest amusements of the past times and an indispensable attribute of medieval holidays and festivals. This fun coordination game is suitable for kids (aged 4 and more) and grownups.The approximate amount of game participants is 200 individual participants per 5 hours of work, […]

Theater Vagant

A historic theater group – medieval & renaissance  entertainment Continuing traditions of spielmans and minstrels we are coming directly to the audience. The aim of the theater is to introduce the audience to the historical legacy of the European culture through experiments and games and to entertain people, helping them forget their daily routine. Each […]


Music video production for the band „The Wirepushers“ Camera: Lukas Majka Production: Dennis Katzmann


Video production for the IG Metall symposiumShadow puppetry + digital compositingMade by Alexej Tchernyi, Misha Shenbrot and Dennis KatzmannVoices & Sounds by Paul Milmeister


Advertisement for Sichtwechsel – optician, Berlin Mole: Dennis Katzmann Rainworm: Sandy Schwermer Speaker: Thomas Sommer Director: Felix Koch Script: Florian Hawemann Production: Dylan E. Thompson Puppets: Beatrice Baumann, Crudelia von Grimm

Chicken Carla´s journey

by Cnaan Shahak The first big adventure of a small chick. Puppetry: Anna Tkatsch Dennis Katzmann Directing: Cnaan Shahak Foto: Michael Helbig/mih1