“whack the egg” – a medieval game

Der Eierknacker is one of the oldest amusements of the past times and an indispensable at
tribute of medieval holidays and festivals. This fun coordination game is suitable for kids (aged 4 and more) and grownups.
The approximate amount of game participants is 200 individual participants per 5 hours of work, total amount of spectators is up to 1000. The game is reconstructed based on the original schemes of a centuries-old Eierknacker playground. Professional actors in medieval attire animate the public to join the fun and play the game. The motto of the game is: “Hauptsache Spass!” – the main thing is to have fun.

History of the game Der Eierknacker appeared in the period of Swiss Reformation. The lords were collecting eggs as a part of tributes from the peasants. To show each other how rich they are, the lords would amuse themselves by playing games with the eggs.
The game calls for responsible attitude towards food consumption, since nowadays almost 50% of all food purchased in Europe ends in the waste.
For this game we are using unsellable eggs past their date.

Aim of the game
The game takes place on a special platform with participants throwing steel balls at the eggs. The aim of the game is to smash 6 eggs in 6 attempts. The more eggs participant manages to smash, the bigger the prize. During the game actors performers are entertaining the audience, telling the history of the medieval games, customs and traditions of the old times and playing joyful sketches.

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