The Dead are unserious folk

A piece for a player, objects, dolls and marionettes
Co-production of Ensemble T.A.T. and “Ernst Busch” Academy of Dramatic Arts

What is your relationship with the dead?

A man on the stage is surrounded by lifeless beings – puppets, dolls and objects. The character “Kukolnik” (Russian for puppeteer), the role of the performer, is creating stories and pictures and destroying them again. He becomes a puppet himself and lets the “dead” objects lead him. He ends between reality and fiction, between life and death, like the puppets he plays.

In the production the texts are connected as a collage, but they only become meaningful in connection with the process of vitalizing of the puppet. The state of being alive itself, shown and questioned by the example of the lifeless, comes into play. The staging deals with the man on the stage of life. Man is constantly watched by spectators and is forced into action, evoking images, stories, worlds. Each figure, every story of every being is juxtaposed to his own situation, himself. The viewer is always part of this world; as a voyeur, an observer, an area of reflection, an occasion or a pressure medium?
Marionettes, hand dolls, shadow play, a samovar, chess figures, bones, hands, feet and many others are being played and playing in the production.