A historic theater group – medieval & renaissance  entertainment

Continuing traditions of spielmans and minstrels we are coming directly to the audience. The aim of the theater is to introduce the audience to the historical legacy of the European culture through experiments and games and to entertain people, helping them forget their daily routine.

Each historical amusement is at the same time a time machine, sending participants to the Middle Ages and beyond.
The Vagant Company presents games and entertainment in tune with their historical origins. The walking acts and street theater are performed to enrich the fantasy of the spectator and entice laughter.

Vagant is puppetry, pantomime and commedia dell’arte a la Moliere and Perucci.

The company offers different games, walking acts, street and stage pieces.

Such as :


Eierknacker – whack the egg

historical Archery

trick games

animation of knight games and children’s games

Walking acts:

The Beggar

The Death

The Crow

Graf Meersand – Master of illuminations,  light and shadow games

Puppet theater:

Punch and Judy Miniatures

Medieval Object Theater


different fire shows with sticks, staffs and pois

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